About Us

Leinmarket, Inc. is the leading customer experience information and insights partner for multi-location businesses. We provide actionable insight into your customer’s moment of truth with your business — the face-to-face interaction with your brand when purchase decisions are made-by thoroughly evaluating the on-site customer experience from two viewpoints: customer perceptions and the operational realities that create those perceptions. Through our unique suite of products and services, we help you identify the actions required at the store level to increase customer loyalty and improve financial performance.

Leinmarket was created because we identified an opportunity to redefine the way customer experience information was utilized. Through the acquisition of leading companies and the addition of new, innovative products and robust decision support tools; we are the only company in the industry to offer a truly full-service, integrated suite of mystery shopping, direct customer feedback, on-site merchandising and analytics services.

Our products and services are broken into two categories:

OnSight: Evaluations and Action
  • We evaluate your customer experience providing information that is objective, subjective, operational and experiential
  • We provide direct on-site action through a full range of merchandising fulfillment and information services
InSight: Identify Solutions
  • We maximize the value of your customer experience information with insights gained through rigorous statistical analysis and sophisticated decision support systems (DSS) such as the Loyalty Lift Calculator
  • We drive performance improvements to the individual store through automated training or reward programs

With years of experience servicing the leaders in almost every customer-facing industry, we provide the best on-site information, insights and actionable solutions to help you deliver on your brand promise and maximize sales.